Life Groenkloof Hospital
Use George Storrar street entrance and parking area for Hospital admissions.
50 George Storrar Drive, Groenkloof, 0181
Contact number:
+27 424 3600
-25.763277: 38.21582
Life Groenkloof Hospital

Practice- Patient Contract and Billing Policy
Pre-Admission Form
Medical Aid Checklist


The practice of Dr Carl Swanepoel will provide you with all the necessary information which are required for the patient’s operation.
The operation, risks involved, alternative treatment will be discussed in person with the patient and his or her family.
An informed consent form is provided which must be completed by the patient or patient’s guardian.
A quotation of the costs of the planned operation will be provided. The Hospital and the Anaesthetist account are separate.

Please direct any administrative questions to Andre or Ro-Anne at the practice of Dr Carl Swanepoel.

Practice Billing policy
Click on the link to find a copy of the Practice – Practice- Patient Contract and Billing Policy

Life Groenkloof Hospital
Pre-admission ensures you are sufficiently prepared for your hospital visit, and saves time on the day of admission. It also means you have one less thing to be concerned about, so that you can focus fully on your health and recovery. 

The preadmission process 
Once your doctor has decided to admit you to hospital, you can book in at the preadmissions clinic at the reception of the Life Groenkloof Hospital, or download the preadmission form and complete it before taking it to hospital (please do this the same day when your doctor scheduled you for your operation). This ensures that on the day of your admission, all the relevant documentation has been completed, which means you would not have to wait long before being admitted to your ward.  
If you do it on the day of the operation, your operation might be delayed or even cancelled.

You are required to obtain preauthorisation from your medical aid for all the procedures to be performed in theater.
Either the patient or the main member must contact the medical aid for an authorisation number.

Private patients will need a quotation from the Life Groenkloof Hospital regarding their admission cost and theater fees.
This will depend on the type of operation and the estimated duration of the procedure. 
Refer to our medical aid checklist to establish what information you need for preauthorisation, and which questions to ask your medical aid.  

Patient-information downloads 
Pre-admission form (PDF) 
Medical aid checklist
Please download the form, complete the document and submit it to the Life Groenkloof Preadmission Clinic or e mail to
or fax to 012 346 0562 

If you are a Discovery Health member and you are being admitted to any of the hospitals below, you can make use of the Express Check-In option at the Life Groenkloof Hospital. 

How to use Express Check-In 
Check in on the Discovery website, after getting your authorisation.
Complete the process at least 24 hours before your admission/procedure date.
When you arrive at the hospital, go to the Express Check-In kiosk.

The patient or his/her parents/guardian also needs to complete the anesthetics form.
Dr. Swanepoel make use of anesthetists in private practice and they will bill separately from the Hospital and Dr Carl Swanepoel.

Please contact them for a preoperative quotation or the practice of Dr Carl Swanepoel can get it on your behalf.

Dr Dave Viljoen
Tel no: +27 82445 0371
Anesthetist on Wednesdays.

Oberholser group of anesthetists
Tel no: +27 12 348 0282/3
Group of anesthetists on a Tuesday.

Please complete the anesthetist form before admission and mail it to them before your planned operation.
Anaesthetist preoperation medical form